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BONUS Unimom Storage Bottles 3 Pack (Pink or Blue) & Aqua Water Wipes 20 Pack

Exclusively breastfeeding is best for babies. Introducing partial bottle feeding may adversely affect breastfeeding by reducing the supply of breast milk. If you are considering using bottles and teats to offer expressed breast milk (EBM) to your baby or introducing partial bottle feeding, it is important in the first instance, to discuss your plan with the health professional(s) caring for you & your baby.

The Allegro model is versatile and portable. With an inbuilt rechargeable battery, seven level digital settings, a hygienic back flow protection system and the ability to upgrade to a double pump. This breast pump kit will accommodate you well for convenient "on the go" expressing. 

- Single/Double electric pump for part time expressing only. Up to 4 times per day. Will not endure full time use. If needing a heavy duty high suction pump for exclusive expressing, we recommend using the Forte
- 2 Phase Expression Technology: mimics baby's natural suction allowing faster let down. 
- Portable - Light weight pump. Will fit in your hand bag and easy to travel with. 
- Inbuilt Rechargeable Battery: up to 3 hours of rechargeable power or can work from AC power adapter (both included). Charging time is approx 2 hours 15 mins. 
- Electronically Controlled LED display and soft touch controls. 
- Adjustable Vacuum/Cycles - 7 Suction Levels. 
- Closed System - Back flow protection
- BPA Free + Phalate Free + Lead Free
- Memory: will remember your first pump and will automatically switch to your desired level next pump, after the let down phase.
- Silicone Massager for comfort, milk let down stimulation and a warmer feel.
- Made in Korea

Whats included: 
x1 - Allegro Motor Unit
x1 - Electric Wall Adapter
x1 - 24mm Breast Shield
x1 - 150ml Breast Milk Bottle
x1 - Bottle Cap
x1 - Bottle Stand
x1 - Air Tube
x1 - Valve & Membrane
x1 - Back Flow Protector
x1 - Silicon Massager
x1 - Instructions for Use
x1 - BONUS Unimom Storage Bottles 3 Pack (Pink or Blue)
x1 - BONUS Aqua Water Wipes 20 Pack

The printed scale on Unimom bottles is susceptible to rubbing off when soaked in chemical solution or possibly during other cleaning methods.

When you purchase a Unimom Electric breast pump we recommend you purchase a Switch Kit to go with it. This converts one shield kit into a manual pump. 


* Unimom does not sell teats but a standard narrow neck teat from another brand will fit our bottles. 

If you require large size shield 27mm you can purchase the flange only HERE and use the parts in your breast pump kit box. 


Unimom Allegro accessories available: 
- Extra Allegro breast shield kit to upgrade your Allegro to twin pumping. 
- Large breast shields 27mm. 
Note: The Unimom Silicon Massager will not fit a large shield. 
- Unimom Allegro Car Charger

 Do you need a hands free pumping bra? Click here


A note on closed systems: Visit Wikipedia for information on open and closed systems. Some brands use a backflow filter instead of a backflow protector. A filter, by definition, allows some matter to pass through. In the case of backflow filters, external air is pushed in and out through the filters during expression. As it is pushed in, particles are caught by the filter and it prevents them from entering the breast pump motor. However, when the air is pushed back out, there is the potential for some of these particles to be pushed back into the collected breastmilk. This would then make the breast pump, by definition, not a closed system.



- Product: Breast Pump- Model: UNIMOM ALLEGRO- Levels: 1-7 - Suction260mmHG- Packing Unit: 1Set, Approx, 320g- AC adaptor 8.4V DC, 1A 


Warranty Information:

Warranty on Pumps is based on type of use

Personal Domestic Use of Allegro
12 Months

Warranty Includes Pump motor unit and controller
(Everything inside or permanently connected to the plastic shell of actual pump unit)

Warranty Excludes All Consumable Parts including the following:

Airlines (tubing / hose)

Powerpack and Cable (Allegro model only)

Silicon Membranes (flap on valve head)

Valve Head

Breast Shield

Catch Bottles

Silicon Massager

For hygiene reasons consumable parts are non returnable once used.
*We do not provide money back warranty but will repair or replace with fast
service if required.

Consumable Parts

Need replacements of consumable parts? Contact Us or check our Website

Cleaning instructions Click Here   
Please Note - the information of this link is also on the Breast pump box when you purchase the pump. Milton Sterilising tablets and microwave sterilisation may affect the plastic and the marking on the storage bottles

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