Pregnancy Memory Foam Pillow / Belly Wedge Pillow

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Mumanu Memory Foam Belly Pillow helps to support the posture and make pregnancy experience comfortable. It is recommended that pregnant women should start lying on their sides around the 22nd week of pregnancy so that blood flow to you and the baby is not restricted.  However, lying on the sides can place increased tension on the buttocks, hip joint, pelvis and spine. This can make sleeping and even walking around uncomfortable. The Mumanu Memory Foam Belly Pillow has been carefully designed to correctly support pregnant mothers for a comfortable night’s rest!

Key benefits of using the Memory Foam Belly Pillow:

Takes pressure off your bladder (less getting up at night!)

Eases lower back and hip pain

Prevents dragging by lifting the pregnant belly into a neutral position

Prevents rolling and the twisting of the spine

Can be used to provide Lumbar support while sitting

Can be used as a soft surface for your baby to lie on

Designed in New Zealand.


The best pregnancy sleeping position is side lying… For the ultimate comfort Mumanu side sleeping pillows will give you exactly what you need.


Pregnant? You’ll love Mumanu Pillow


* We do not recommend lying on your front or back during pregnancy for the comfort and safety of you and your unborn baby.


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