Lay-by Info


Are you having a new baby or planning to have one? Or looking for a gift for someone? We would like to make your shopping experience easy and enjoyable without having to pay interest. We therefore offer a Layby option on sales over $20 (Inclusive of GST for NZ Customers & exclusive of GST for International Customers) so you can pay off your purchase at your convenience.


Layby Terms:

No additional charge for using Layby Option unless you extend your terms (60 days from date of order)

Need to Register as a customer to see this option.

20% deposit on day of the Layby order

♦ Balance paid off within 60 days from the date of the order

♦ Price of the Layby items once you have placed the order: 

-  if the price of the item is increased, you will still pay the price of the item at time of placing the order (i.e. no increase charge for you)

- if the price of the item is lowered on our Website following your order, you will pay the lower price of the item than when you placed the order - we will let you know that you can pay the reduced price!


Payment Methods (Will be available for you to choose when placing the order):

♦ Bank Transfer (NZ Only)

♦ Paypal

♦ Cash or EFTPOS (NZ Only & only if you are able to send Cash by Registered post or by EFTPOS if you are able to come and make payment to Howick Midwife Ltd. Please contact us on 021474057 or email to make this arrangement)

♦ We will send you monthly statements on full balance owing and after each payment to your email address, or on request.

   Please use your order number and name as reference if using Bank Transfer as payment method so we can easily find your payment(s) and ship your goods as soon as final payment appears on our statement.

   Completion of Payment and Penalty fees:

The amount, number and frequency of payments is at your discretion when making the payment.

Payments must be made within 60 days of the order date.

Failure to make payments and / or  finalise your  payment, will result in loss of your deposit (20% of the full price of the item/s), for administration and cancellation fees.

You lose the right to your item/s and they will be resold following cancellation.

Any payments made on top of your 20% deposit will be refunded back to you.


Extension of Lay-By:

Howick Midwife Ltd may consider extension of payment terms if you are unable to settle final payment by 60 days from date of the order.

Our charge is 1% of the total purchase price per one week extension for up to 4 weeks (i.e. 1% of the total purchase price $200.00 is $2.00/week).


Changing or Cancellation of Layby:

Changes to your Layby

Adding items to your Layby will not incur additional cost, however removing items from your Layby after 2 weeks of adding the item will incur $5 administration fee to your Layby account


Cancelled by You

You may cancel a Layby if you have not finished paying for it. Let us know by calling us at Howick Midwife Ltd on 021474057 or email.

You do not have to give a reason for cancelling.

If you cancel a Layby you are entitled to a refund of the money you have already paid minus 20% of the total purchase price to cover for administration and cancellation fees as well as selling costs and/or loss of value.


Cancelled by Us

We may cancel a Layby if you do not keep to the agreed terms. For example, if you do not make payments as agreed or do not pay off the Layby within the agreed time.

If we cancel your Layby you are still entitled to a refund of the money you have already paid minus 20% of the total purchase price to cover for administration and cancellation fees as well as selling costs and/or loss of value.

If a Layby is cancelled by us we will advise you either by phone or email.



♦ The refund if applicable will be by Bank Transfer, Paypal or Store Credit/Voucher. We are unable to make cash refund so you will have to provide us with bank details or email address you use for Paypal to refund payments minus the initial 20% deposit.


We will ship the items via the method you selected when you confirmed your order and made the initial deposit. See Shipping & Payment information.


If you have any additional questions please email us.


All items remain the property of Howick Midwife Ltd until final payment has been received.