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Midwife / Owner - Howick Midwife Ltd

I am a Senior Midwifery Lecturer at AUT University & have practiced midwifery in hospitals and as an LMC midwife. I hold an ADM, Dip. Ed, MMid and a DHSc. I provide commentary for Midwifery Research Review NZ and advice as an expert on midwifery/maternity care. The other roles I have been involved in include being a supervisor and a member of the competency review panel for MCNZ, reviewer for NZCOM Journal & Midwifery Standards Review, an NZCOM educator for MYFP and an Academic member/Deputy Chair on the MOH Compliance panel that monitors the WHO Breastfeeding Code in New Zealand. I have a particular interest in maternal wellbeing, women's health, diabetes and obesity, newborn, postnatal distress, traumatic birth, and PTSD. My doctoral study is on "How are Post-Birth Reflective Conversation Experienced by Those Involved?" Feel free to contact us on 021 0377 359 or [email protected] if you have any questions/queries regarding our products, hiring the Consultation Rooms or midwifery/maternity care.