Postnatal time

No, you should not eat your Placenta - Here's why
In almost all mammals, the placenta - the organ that develops in pregnancy to provide oxygen and nutrients to the baby and remove waste products - is eaten by the mother immediately after giving birth. Humans and aquatic mammals are the only exceptions 
But the number of women choosing to eat their placenta has increased over the past decade. Read More

Baby/Infant Care:

Sleep training improves infant sleep problems
This Gem from Goodfellow Director Dr Bruce Arroll discusses Alberta Tools for Practice notes that suggest that sleep training introduced at 6 months of age improves infant sleep problems and maternal mood - Read More.
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Should I roll my baby back over if she rolls onto her stomach in her sleep?


This is a excellent article (if you haven’ see it already) about why there is a recommendation to put babies to sleep on their backs as well as what to do if they roll over and what you should have in their cots at the time they are asleep.


If you scroll down the article you will see also links to some other useful information about  Sudden Infant Deaths in Infancy, how much sleep children should have as well as whether we should worry about if baby has flat head.


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What to expect from a baby's first cold

A useful article if you are experiencing your baby's first common cold. Read more.........

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