Unimom Breast Milk Storage bottles single or 3 pack

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Phalate free & Lead free!




Unimom bottles are designed for longer and safer storage of breast milk.

Made from high quality polypropylene plastic which will retain the beneficial properties of  your breast milk for the longest  

  duration possible. Ensuring your baby is getting the next best thing to the breast.

Freezer safe and can withstand high heat temperatures.

Strong and long lasting

Each bottle can hold 150ml of milk and has a specially designed sealing disk to stop leakage, making them ideal for

  transporting milk.

Comes in 2 colours - Pink or Blue


* Unimom does not sell teats but a standard narrow neck teat from another brand will fit our bottles

The printed scale on Unimom bottles is susceptible to rubbing off when soaked in chemical solution or possibly during other cleaning methods.


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