Hinged Gift Box (3 Inlay Patterns) - Fern Leaf

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Want to give something special to a person that supported you through your journey of becoming parents?


Genuine Hand-Crafted New Zealand & Pacific Bone, Jade & Wood Wearable Art - Keeping Tradition Alive by Supporting Local Artists.  Item not made in Asia or mass produced. Check out: The Bone Art Place for local artist that produce these items.



Wakahuia are sacred vessels carved as a canoe or wooden storage box in which are kept very special and precious items and gifts. In ancient times they were often used to store valuables "Taonga" such as special carvings or the feathers of the Huia bird which were worn on only the most special of occasions.


A wooden hinged lid gift box with Fern Inlay.


Size available: 140mm x 50mm (5.5 Inches x 2 Inches)


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