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The Elle TENS & Elle Tens Plus provide drug free pain relief during labour, relief from General Pain or help with Pelvic Floor Toning (if this has been recommended by your Healthcare Practitioner). 

A great addition to every kind of birth. Whether you’re planning a home birth, a natural hospital birth, a birth with an epidural, or even a scheduled c-section, you can benefit from a TENS machine.   

HIRE - Elle TENS Plus:

$50 for 5 weeks Hire + $29.95 Elle Tens Electrodes Purchase + $40 Bond (refunded on return) = $119.95

Due to hygiene reasons the Elle Tens Electrodes you purchase are yours to keep.

Postage costs to you & return are required.

If you would like to hire for longer than 5 weeks please note our additional charge of $15/week.

PURCHASE - Elle TENS & Elle TENS Plus:

♦ Elle TENS         $215.00        (Includes Electrodes 4PK inside the box) 

♦ Elle TENS Plus  $290.00        (Includes Electrodes 4PK inside the box)

For Labour/Birth & General Pain when should you hire?

► Any time for general pain otherwise usually from 37 weeks until the birth of baby* (Maximum Hire up to 5 weeks - i.e. till 42 weeks of pregnancy) - if you would like to use TENS machine for pain relief after the birth of the baby for a week or two you may want to hire the unit from 38 or 39 weeks of pregnancy.

Even though you may not pick up/ask for machine to be couriered till 37 weeks or later we recommend that you book your Elle Tens or Elle Tens Plus in Second Trimester of pregnancy to secure the machine - full payment is required at the time of booking - see our Terms and conditions re cancellation of booking & refund.


For General pain, postpartum pain or Pelvic floor toning when should you hire? 

► Any time or from birth of baby till 5 weeks postpartum (vaginal probe & lubricant gel sachet will be included if hiring for pelvic floor toning)


Please read Terms and Conditions before Hiring Elle TENS Plus Click Here

Why Elle TENS (Purple in colour) & Elle TENS Plus (Pink in Colour)?

Elle TENS is the one of the most advanced Labour TENS machines available for mums-to-be. Produced by Body Clock Health Care, this leading obstetrics TENS machine was the first to introduce the highly desired Opti-Max* technology. This easy-to-use TENS machine offers maximum pain relief during child birth.

*What is Opti-Max? Optimax Technology gives an extra reserve of power for when you really need it. Used for the final stages of labour when you need extra pulse power or any time depending on your preference.


Elle TENS Plus with Opti-Max technology is the NEW 3-in-1 with contraction timer and is undoubtedly the ultimate obstetric TENS machine. At last there is a TENS machine that covers all the different aspects of your labour and post labour needs and beyond. Essentially it is 3 fully functional TENS units in one. This versatile TENS unit can operate in:

♦ Birth mode (Obstetric TENS) with contraction timer & Boost button

♦ General pain mode suitable for many chronic & acute pain conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, arthritis, sciatica, sports injuries, migraine, period pain and post-operative pain.

♦ Pelvic mode with vaginal probe for pelvic floor toning


What is TENS? Click Here


 What is included when you Hire or Purchase Elle TENS & Elle TENS Plus Machine?

Elle TENS    Elle TENS Plus

Elle Tens Unit  - large display, pre-set modes & integrated boost button 


 Elle Tens Plus Unit -  large display, pre-set modes, integrated boost button, contraction timer, general pain & pelvic toning (if hiring for postpartum use)
♦ 4 Large Electrode Pads 40x100mm ♦ 4 Large Electrode Pads 40x100mm
♦ 2 Leads + 1 spare ♦ 2 Leads + 1 spare 
♦ 2 AA Batteries + 2 spare ♦ 2 AA Batteries + 2 spare
♦ Laynard   ♦ Laynard  
♦ Soft carrying Pouch ♦ Soft carrying Pouch
♦ Elle TENS Instruction Manual ♦ Elle TENS Plus Instruction Manual
♦ Women's guide to drug free pain relief ♦ Quick start Guide
  ♦ Women's guide to drug free pain relief
  ♦ Pad (electrode) placement chart
  ♦ Vaginal probe & lubricant gel sachet (ONLY if hiring for postnatal pelvic toning)







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